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Steak, Real-Time A/B Testing, and Email Marketing

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Any email marketer who has been in the business a while knows the power of an A/B test. The tiniest changes can make the biggest differences, whether that’s tweaking a single word for the subject line or writing one sentence just a little differently.

The problem with traditional A/B testing is that you have to split up your audience. And that means half of your subscriber base is going to get the losing creative. So if one version is getting twice as many click-throughs, you’re losing a lot of potential engagement… and business.

But what if you could A/B test your email campaigns in real-time? Fresh Direct did just that… with steak.

Fresh Direct wanted to test out two different banner messages on top of the same image. In Option A, the business tried out using a big discount. In Option B, the business showed the exact price.

Option B performed better. A lot better. While Option A saw an 82% lift in click-through rate compared to average, Option B saw 307% increase in click-through rates.

With Movable Ink’s contextual marketing platform, Fresh Direct was able to A/B test in real-time. So, when it was clear that Option B was outperforming Option A, Fresh Direct changed all the emails with Option A creative to that of Option B. Even if subscribers had previously opened the email, they would see the updated content, instead.

That meant both audiences were served the winning creative – and got a good deal on steak.

Want to learn more about how brands can use real-time A/B testing? Download our case study about how Allen Edmonds boosted click-throughs by 300%.

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