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Our Favorite Examples of Live Polling

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Engagement is a huge priority for marketers. Higher engagement = lifts in click-through rates, read rates and higher overall revenue generated per email. So how can you create messages that are guaranteed to drive engagement?

While there’s no magic email tactic for engagement, gamification – like live polling – comes pretty darn close. Live polling is a powerful way to get your subscriber’s attention and drive real results. According to M2 Research, it can lead to a 100-150% lift in engagement.

What are the benefits of live polling?

Live polling is a great way to drive engagement in a single email, but you can also use it to collect valuable data on your subscribers that can span several campaigns. For example, online retailers can use live polling to ask their audience about their shopping preferences, then follow up with an email or intelligent creative on a landing page based on those preferences.

This use case is especially impactful during the holidays when your customers’ buying behavior changes and they begin making purchases for other people.

Many businesses used last week’s U.S. presidential election to send their own live polls. Here are a few of our favorite examples.

Our favorite live polling examples


Video game company Ubisoft put their own playful spin on the election by asking their subscribers to vote for their favorite character. Customers could then tap to Tweet and visit Ubisoft’s online store.


Envision, the experiential education organization, asked their subscribers to vote for their presidential candidate of choice to drive engagement and awareness of the upcoming election. The resulting email lifted click-through rates by more than 13%.


Maclean’s, Canada’s leading current affairs brand, gave their readers real-time election updates by combining a live poll with a countdown timer and a live electoral map. They also pulled in their live blog coverage of the election from their website.

Ready to try live polling?

Live polling is a powerful contextual marketing tactic that can be used any time of year, and can keep your visual experiences consistent across web and display ads as well. Use these examples to inspire your next campaign. Want to learn more about contextual marketing? Download The Everything Guide to Contextual Email Marketing.

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