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Movable Ink Keeps Culture at the Core: How Inkers Create a Culture They Love

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Since our origins, founders Vivek Sharma and Michael Nutt set out to create Movable Ink with one thing in mind, people**.** Whether it’s enhancing the individual customer experience through personalized content or influencing marketing teams to focus on strengthening customer-brand relationships, inspiring employee talent through Movable Ink’s culture has remained the number-one priority for getting this job done. 

But at Movable Ink, company culture starts from both the top and from within. Everything we do revolves around the core values we continue to observe from our employees: curiosity, grit, and empathy. With these values at heart, Movable Ink encourages and celebrates a culture where employees feel free to share diverse ideas, experiences, and challenges that expand on the way we work and think.

Life at Movable Ink

While office culture may never be the same as before the pandemic, Movable Ink’s company culture has never depended on a distinct location. Instead, our culture is a product of the investments we’ve made in our employees, or as we like to call them, Inkers, encouraging them to take the lead in strategic problem solving and bringing new ideas to the table. Now, our team continues to translate aspects of our culture from our offices into remote work life. From ever-evolving global Employee Resource Groups to frictionless remote onboarding, we’ve continued to support our employees with the unique, supportive, and authentic pillars of Movable Ink. 

We sat down with Inkers, both veterans and rookies, to understand what drew them to Movable Ink and what kept them around for the long term. In our new Life at Movable Ink interview series, hear straight from our Inkers about what’s kept company culture alive and how they’ve adapted to work from home life. To learn more about how Movable Ink invests in employees and its culture, check out the video and our exciting 2021 cultural initiatives below!  

Seamless Remote Onboarding & Working

While working from home has continued for longer than most would have hoped, Movable Ink pivoted quickly and addressed new remote working needs as they came up. Now, with more than 75 employees hired and trained since the pandemic began, Movable Ink continues to prioritize remote collaboration, learning, and development for all Inkers. 

Whether you’re a new employee or someone that’s new to remote work, Movable Ink’s remote workforce puts communication front and center. With regular check-ins, team huddles, training roll-outs, and tools for consistent communication, our team has spent countless hours creating processes that ensure every Inker feels valued, heard, and inspired.  

Community Building with Employee Resource Groups

The most critical aspect of Movable Ink’s culture is the ability to evolve and grow with our employees. Since their launch and especially during the pandemic, Movable Ink’s Employee Resource Groups have been essential for creating virtual spaces for belonging, inclusivity, dialogue, and growth.

Employee Resource Groups are run by Inkers, presenting an opportunity for anyone in the organization to participate and even lead. These groups allow our employees to build relationships, voice experiences, solve problems, plan events, and take charitable actions to impact local communities. 

Some of Movable Ink’s Employee Resource Groups include:

Emphasis on Work-Life Balance

Although the pandemic put commuting and travel on pause in 2020, remote working hasn’t always translated to more time to relax at home. Research has shown that COVID-19 working restraints have caused unprecedented levels of stress and pressure for remote employees. In response, our leaders quickly made considerable investments in helping support employees through remote work. Movable Ink is now proud to offer benefit packages that provide mental health services, cultural commitments to work-life balance with ”take a break” days, and unlimited PTO, as well as countless virtual health and wellness activities throughout the month. 

Want to Become a Part of Movable Ink’s Company Culture?

We are actively seeking candidates that exemplify Movable Ink’s core values, aim to contribute to an inclusive environment, have the hunger and humility to learn, and are ready to put their unique skill sets to use to take us to new heights.

Are you interested in joining the Movable Ink team and contributing to the culture? Check out the career opportunities on our website. We’re excited to connect!

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