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Monday Catch-up: Send times, Unsubscribe Rates & Inbox Blindness

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Welcome to another Monday, marketers. Let’s get right to it with a few items to get you started on another productive workweek.

Ray-Ban plays a strategic waiting game

It’s not uncommon to receive a follow-up email a few days after making a purchase. But what about ten months later? When an Econsultancy writer got a “thank you for your recent purchase” email from Ray-Ban 40 or so weeks after springing for a new pair of shades, he assumed it was the result of some sort of glitch. But after giving it more thought, he realized the timing was actually strategic, and now he suggests that email marketers might want to give the technique a try. “It’s definitely worth testing this type of email marketing, particularly if the timing (e.g. the start of summer) is relevant to the brand,” he writes.

What to do when your unsubscribe rate gets too high

Calculating your unsubscribe rate is easy, says Business 2 Community—you simply divide the number of unsubscribers by the number of delivered messages. If it’s too high, no worries—here are a few suggestions to lower it.

How to make your emails visible again

Ever heard of “inbox blindness?” It’s what calls the phenomenon of intended recipients just not seeing emails that are sitting in their inboxes. Even subscribers who opted in for your messages may succumb to this troubling disorder because “they’re likely numb from the sheer volume of commercial emails they have to wade through overall.” Fortunately, inbox blindness is curable. Applying the right kind of treatment to your subject lines—like personalization—can make your emails visible again.

Don’t miss the Oracle and Movable Ink Webinar on Live Data

Customers now expect relevant, personalized marketing messages, but the challenge for marketers is not only knowing what content will be relevant to customers on a personal level, but getting it into their inbox before it’s stale. Movable Ink and Oracle have teamed up to present a webinar on using live data on an open platform to create tailored, in-the-moment messaging. Join us on Thursday, April 14th at 1 PM EST.

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