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Monday Catch-up: List Strategies and Overcoming Email Challenges

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Howdy, marketers. It’s Monday again already. Here are a few news items to help get your week started.

Study reinforces importance of reciprocity in email list strategy

The results of a new study find that few email marketers are satisfied with the status of their email list strategy, and point to the important role of reciprocity in ensuring email marketing success. The poll of 146 email marketers conducted by Adestra found only 9% of them consider their list strategy “very successful.” 55% said it was “somewhat successful” and 36% termed it “completely unsuccessful.” Setting expectations for subscribers and reciprocity in the form of offering relevant content in return for an email relationship ranked as the most effective tactics to achieving email list success.

**Overcoming 6 challenges to successful email marketing
**In an article posted on, Shane Barker details six critical challenges to email marketing success and suggestions for overcoming them. “Like all other marketing channels, email marketing has its fair share of obstacles to overcome,” he writes. “The good news is that there’s always a solution.” The six challenges he confronts are: earning new subscribers, increasing open rates, improving deliverability, retaining subscribers, low click-through rates and achieving measurable ROI.

Maintaining the “hygiene” of your email lists
“Is your email list really clean?” asks Brendan Gardiner, writing on Business 2 Community. He suggests that even marketers who are proud of their due diligence when it comes to email list maintenance may need to increase their focus on it. “True email list hygiene looks at the quality of each email addresses in your database. This runs a lot deeper than some marketers realize,” he says. He suggests paying close attention to what he calls “three levels of email list hygiene” to make sure that each address is formatted correctly, corresponds to a valid domain name and is safe to use.

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