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Monday Catch-up: Engagement by Generation & Emotion Based Marketing

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Good morning marketers. Let’s catch up on some news …

Millennials have higher email engagement rates than expected

HospitalityNet released a report this week highlighting open rates for travel and hospitality emails by generation. They found the highest open and click rates belonged to Baby Boomers, but the Millennial group engaged with emails in higher than expected numbers. Although they’re still on the lower end of the scale, marketers can take this news as an indication that they shouldn’t count emails out when trying to reach 20-somethings.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Millennials average an open rate of 12.9% and a click rate of 8.4%.
  • Age 31-40 saw an open rate of 15.0% and a click rate of 8.8%
  • Boomers saw a 23.4% open rate and 13.0% click rate.
  • The overall average for this sample was an 18.2% open rate and 9.9% click rate.

Emotion-based campaigns perform 2X better than those based on rational thinking

We often suggestion that email marketers try to make an emotional connection with their subscribers to increase engagement. What does that mean exactly? Speak to the reader about what they care most about, not your product, to get their attention and drive action. Contently broke down how to use this strategy properly and cut through the noise of all of the other messaging out there.

Our Consumer Device Preference Report Year in Review is now available for download

Movable Ink’s 2015 US Consumer Device Preference Report is now available. This reports offers deep insight into consumers’ adoption and use of smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, and how they engaged with email throughout 2015.

The 2015 report covers how the holiday season compared to the rest of the year, as well as a slowing trend in mobile and tablet email opens. We also broke down data on user habits and trends including:

  • Conversions by device and vertical
  • When emails are opened during the day by device type
  • Time spent in email based on device

Download the free report today.

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