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3 Reasons to Use Instagram Photos in Your Emails

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When you get an email from a brand, you’re not used to seeing anything that’s all that surprising. Maybe it’s about a sale, maybe it’s about an event. Either way, no one really gets a rush from checking their inbox.

Social media, on the other hand, is something that is constantly unpredictable and exciting. That’s why more than a quarter (28%) of the average user’s time online is spent on social networks.

That doesn’t necessarily mean social channels are more profitable. Email ROI is still much higher than social media. What marketers should really strive to do is integrate live social media feeds right within the inbox. That way, you combine the engaging power of social with the ROI power of email.

Instagram, as a visual medium, is especially powerful. Here’s why:

1. 44% of Online Consumers are More Likely to Engage with Brands That Post Product Pictures.

Email, just like the rest of the rest of the web, is becoming a visual medium. People who are opening emails on their phones are often just skimming them before hitting the trashcan button.

That’s why nearly half of consumers say that they’re more likely to engage with brands that post product pictures. A picture – especially something from Instagram, which has already been primed for sharing– can help boost the effectiveness of email campaigns, too.

Integrating social media and email marketing strategies doesn’t require much more than what you already have. A picture that resonated on social can also have a huge impact within your email.

2. 46% of Internet uses consult social media when making a purchase decision.

Nielsen research has found that social media has become a prime destination for people who are researching a potential purchase.

That kind of vetted social content can make or break a purchase – even in the inbox. By featuring Instagram photos that showcase the product and user comments about the product, brands can create more authentic sales and help educate customers about the purchase from right within the email.

3. 65% of consumers seek out user-generated content before making a purchase.

According to a study from Elon University, just about two-thirds of consumers look for user-generated content before making a purchase. While that could mean reviews on Yelp or Amazon, that is increasingly taking the form of Instagram photos, too.

Through the use of hashtags, customers can immediately give their feedback about a product – whether the brand is involved or not.

But pulling in that kind of content on Instagram can help companies make the most of their top influencers. Third party validation is increasingly important when it comes to encouraging consumers to click-through to make a purchase. But the more research they have to do on their end, the less likely they’ll convert.

Olapic + Movable Ink = Contextual, Social Images

Olapic is working to build a way that allows brands to make the most of user-generated content. By pulling in live Instagram feeds and embedding them across different digital channels, brands can leverage the power of third party content without having consumers bounce.

By partnering together, Movable Ink and Olapic are offering companies a new way to integrate Instagram within contextual emails, so that the content and sales are more targeted, personalized, and engaging. That doesn’t just make emails more interesting, it makes consumers more interested – and that leads to higher conversions.

Read more about Olapic & Movable Ink’s partnership here.

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