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Inkredible Marketer CMO Spotlight: Andrea Zaretsky

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In this episode of Ink Tank, Andrea Zaretsky, Chief Marketing Officer of Wealth Management & E*TRADE at Morgan Stanley, shares her journey towards becoming a distinguished marketing executive. Andrea has made a name for herself at some of the largest brands in the world while finding new ways to push the envelope and deliver innovative marketing experiences that propel brands forward. 

Andrea also chats with Alison Lindland, Movable Ink's VP of Strategy, about her time at Fortune 500 consumer brands such as American Express, Toys R Us, and Sephora and the professional lessons she learned along the way. She then highlights the key ways she led her E*Trade team through 2020's changes and how everyone stayed true to E* TRADE's brand purpose. She describes how she successfully continues to position E*TRADE as an industry disruptor while busting the "trading only" perception with new product offerings and cross-channel strategies ready to meet the next generation of traders.

Andrea’s advice for how marketers should approach the cross-channel customer journey:

“For us, it’s making sure that we’re reinforcing key messaging in all of the channels in which our customers interact with us to make sure the message breaks through, and they have a seamless, consistent experience. As customers are interacting with us in different ways depending on the day and what they’re doing from a trading or investing perspective, we’re thrilled that we’re able to break new ground in terms of mobile and app.”

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