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How Peacock Uses Movable Ink and Braze to Celebrate Customers’ Favorite Content

 Blog title reading: How Peacock Uses Movable Ink and Braze to Celebrate Customers' Favorite Content
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With an aim to drive platform engagement, retention, and viewership, Peacock partnered with Movable Ink and Braze last year to deliver an innovative, premium personalized email experience. Keep reading for an in-depth breakdown of their successful year-in-review campaign.

The Goal of the Year-In-Review

After a year of tremendous user growth, Peacock wanted to uniquely celebrate its subscribers by highlighting their most-watched programming across film, TV, sports, news, and more. Recognizing each user’s engagement with the streaming service was a way to bring value to customer and brand alike, and dynamic personalization was the key to this project.

Year in Review Email from Peacock

How did Peacock create such an eye-catching and tailored email? It started with strategic prep work.

The Data Prep

Building an innovative new campaign starts with strategic prep work. Foundational to a year-in-review email is a robust set of data centered around key viewing milestones, such as streamers’ most streamed month, favorite day to watch, genres viewed, and longest binge. Additionally, Peacock refined the campaign’s audience, so only active, long-term users would receive it, as they would have the most viewing to reflect back on.

After identifying these key stats and users, Peacock partnered with Braze and Movable Ink to build an email that would be compelling from its first click.

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The Hero Gif

Instead of relying solely on still images, Peacock animated components of the email, like their longest streaming binge, to keep the reading experience exciting. Peacock worked with Braze to create customized attributes in order to dynamically display the gif created.

Peacock calendar gif 2

Peacock stream gif

The Dynamic App

Movable Ink created a custom app and master template that connected to Peacock’s data sources, allowing the email to automatically personalize to fit customers’ most-watched genres.

Additionally, by designing the template to display every genre while highlighting those that were viewed, Peacock reinforced the breadth of their content offering—ultimately encouraging further discovery.

Custom app highlighting Peacock customers' watched genres

The Launch

The results of this campaign were undeniably successful. Compared to their control, Peacock saw a 20% lift in churn rate reduction, a 6% increase in upgrades, and a 2 percentage point rise in return rate—meaning that users went back to Peacock to view content within a week of receiving the year-in-review email.

Peacock continues to innovate in new ways to put its audience first. Keep an eye on your inbox for the next great email coming to you from Peacock.

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