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How Oracle Red Bull Racing Speeds Up Optimization

Title design reading, How Oracle Red Bull Racing Speeds Up Optimization
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How Oracle Red Bull Racing Sped Up Their Marketing

As F1 winners and world record holders, Oracle Red Bull Racing has made its mark in the racing world—but titles and trophies aren’t the only thing this brand is driving. In less than a year, the brand has raced their marketing to the top with engaging campaigns that their fans always look forward to.

Hear how Andrew Clarke (CRM Manager) led his team at Oracle Red Bull Racing to optimize their loyalty program and CRM at speed using a data-driven approach, and get a glimpse at the team’s upcoming goals for next season.

Accelerating Omni-Channel Loyalty

In 2021, Oracle Red Bull Racing launched their loyalty program, The Paddock, with the goal of aiding fan acquisition and retention. The Paddock acts as a hub for fans to continue doing all of the activities they already love—watching videos, reading articles, or participating in quizzes and competitions.

Oracle Red Bull Racing Mobile Campaigns

But by using The Paddock, each interaction can lead to something more. With every completed activity, fans can gain points and redeem them for daily digital or physical rewards, keeping them engaged all year round.

One of the most notable campaigns born from The Paddock was the “Make Your Mark” campaign.  Simply by enrolling in The Paddock, fans get the chance to design Oracle Red Bull Racing’s car for all of the US Grand Prix’s. In a true omni-channel marketing move, the contest culminates in an in-person reveal of the car as it is launched into the racing world.

Oracle Red Bull Racing "Make Your Mark" campaign

The design competition kicked off for the Miami GP and was a huge hit, driving loyalty sign-ups, building community within the fan base, and generating major social buzz for elevated brand awareness. Today, The Paddock boasts more than half a million enrolled fans across 170 countries, making it a truly global fan proposition.

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Overcoming the CRM Roadblock

Making the most of that customer database within their CRM proved to be another hurdle all together. Without strategic send times, segmentation, interactivity, or mobile optimization within their emails, Oracle Red Bull Racing knew there was still room to grow in their marketing communications. To take their fandom to the next level of loyalty, revenue-boosting personalized content was next on the docket. 

Within a few months of signing on with Movable Ink, Oracle Red Bull Racing was able to create a landmark nurture campaign that took their email marketing to the next tier at speed.

Mobile messages from Oracle Red Bull Racing

Just by handing off a CSV file to Movable Ink, they were off to the races. Oracle Red Bull Racing quickly included evergreen weather modules, countdown timers, a social feed, and fully segmented audiences via AI powered personalization. From there, A/B testing was completed on every email’s subject line and in-message content to ensure further iterations and improvement. 

The emails didn’t just look better; they rocketed engagement. With a 20% lift in read time, a 20% reduction in skim time, and a 34% lift in CTR, engagement rose to an all-time high. The tactics were quick to implement, but the effects on fan loyalty are sure to last long-term.

Where Is Oracle Redbull Racing to Next?

Today, Oracle Red Bull Racing powers engaging content built on a foundation of yearly strategizing and weekly reporting. But to stay on track, the team is already planning ahead for their next customer-centric campaigns.

Watch out for more data-driven launches like image personalization, scratch-offs, personalized year-in-reviews, and compelling win-back campaigns. Oracle Red Bull Racing is just getting started!

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