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How Movable Ink Powers Ratings & Reviews and User-Generated Content with Bazaarvoice

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Consumers only invest in brands they trust. How do they gain this trust? By sharing real-world experiences. Movable Ink understands the importance of implementing user-generated content (UGC) into email marketing because of the integrity it creates. Enter Bazaarvoice. The Movable Ink and Bazaarvoice partnership seamlessly allows marketers to send the most recent ratings and reviews straight to their customers’ inboxes.

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With the Movable Ink and Bazaarvoice integration, mutual customers can leverage the Bazaarvoice API to incorporate curated ratings and reviews within their email campaigns. In addition to ratings and reviews, Bazaarvoice empowers marketers to leverage UGC to create a more personal shopping experience and influence further purchases. Not only is this a time-saving win, but it’s crucial to driving engagement and increasing conversion rates.

A key benefit of this integration is that it allows for a surge in relevancy. Customers are now able to see reviews from products they’ve been interacting with. Items that are abandoned, browsed, or purchased now come to the forefront of the email experience. Ultimately, allowing brands to build trust with their customers by showcasing top-rated and desired content. 

The Inkredible Outdoors example displays the customer’s most recently abandoned item at the top of the fold. By integrating Bazaarvoice with the abandoned cart experience powered by Movable Ink, the highest and most recent product rating and review are shared. Further down in the campaign, the experience waterfalls into a top trending module powered by Movable Ink selecting and displaying items based on the customer’s browsing behavior. 

The Movable Ink and Bazaarvoice partnership allows marketers to share the information their customers care about most in a way that is tailored specifically to their needs. 

To learn more about the Movable Ink and Bazaarvoice integration, visit the Movable Ink Exchange and watch the demo below.

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