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Happy Re-engagement! 5 Messages That Make It Happen

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Re-engaging your audience requires finesse, good timing, persistence, and a sense of humor. That’s why it’s so challenging. Your recipients know you – have perhaps bought from you – but they have become disinterested. Now you must win them back. The good news: You can pull it off.

Here are five great re-engagement emails you can emulate.

**American Apparel: Keeping it simple
**The message – in a huge font, all caps, and reversed type – is clear: “WE MISS YOU.” There is no distracting image in sight. And the special offer it shares reinforces the retailer’s urgency for re-engagement with the customer. It’s plainspoken and obvious. Simple is good.

American Apparel Re-engagement

Boden: Clever, coy and compelling

The copy begs for interpretation, and makes the message very intriguing. “What’s with the cold shoulder?” it asks. It makes you want to click just to find out what’s next.

Bodon re-engagement

**DSW: Empty shelves can’t be good
**The three words of the headline – “are we over?” – speak volumes. It’s easy to picture them in a text, following a nasty lover’s spat. They probably bring up memories of every breakup the recipient has suffered through. And that photo. It really doesn’t need any copy at all to reinforce how empty the closet is. But the text goes there. “An empty closet – it’s not a good thing. But we won’t judge.” But the recipient will – and that may result in her wanting to fill those shelves up with shoes. Like right now. Powerful stuff.

DSW re-engagement

**Misguided: Pathos, hearts and emojis
**The copy is personal: “Hey, we need to talk. You don’t even browse anymore.” And silly: “We used to be solemates.” The design is spare. It all adds up to a compelling, perhaps irresistible re-engagement message.

Urban Outfiters re-engagement

**Grammarly: A little bit sneaky
**This message effectively employs an old trick: the bait and switch. “You’ve just unlocked…” It promises.“…the Wrinkle in Time Badge.” The copy continues to address the recipient’s ego. “You were really into writing things…you just disappeared. You can come back and continue writing awesome things now.”

Grammerly re-reengagement message

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