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Enhancing the Customer Experience in Banking with Scotiabank’s Brittany Offredi

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In this episode of Ink Tank, Brittany Offredi, Scotiabank’s Senior Manager of Email Channel Management, reflects on what’s been a year of reshaping customer experiences and upping digital transformation for the new era of digital banking. While chatting with Movable Ink’s Director of Strategy, Jackie Mattia, Brittany shares how Scotiabank weathered an unpredictable 2020 by enhancing customer experiences with a personalized, data-driven approach.

From revamping key credit card campaigns to meeting new customer expectations by uniting digital channels with device detection, Brittany walks us through how it’s possible to create sophisticated campaigns. To do so, Brittany’s team utilizes data and technology to work smarter, not harder. Now, as reassuring customer’s financial well-being is still a top priority, marketers like Brittany are creating personalized, meaningful experiences that are helping to build back confidence. 

In this episode we discuss how Scotiabank experienced:

  • A 25% lift in click-through rates by incorporating 1:1, data-driven animations 
  • 2-3 business days saved throughout their optimized email testing process
  • Increased conversion rates by utilizing device detection to enhance user experiences

Brittany’s advice to email marketers looking to get started with Movable Ink:

“Involve the Movable Ink team as early as possible in the process. We learned quickly to involve their Account Manager in the briefing process because they can come up with recommendations and ideas that we can implement from the get-go.”

“The most unique thing about Movable Ink is that your email campaign doesn’t end at the point of send. The campaign can optimize every time the customer opens and personalizes content right to the customer, making the sky the limit when it comes to what you can personalize and optimize.”

Watch Brittany’s episode below:

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