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[INFOGRAPHIC] Email Vs. Social Media

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This is a guest post from Devesh Khanal of Devesh Design.

Here’s the truth: Your social media following will not grow your revenue. Relying on social media to drive sales is a mistake for a lot of online businesses.

Take Morgan, for example. Morgan wants to start selling her handmade soap online. Her local vendors regularly sell out and now she wants to share her product with the world.

She puts together a website and a blog full of content relevant to her target market. Now she needs traffic, so she turns to Twitter and Facebook.

She starts sharing great articles and compelling pictures. She even adds “like” and “follow” buttons to her site.

Her following is growing steadily! But she begins to notice that most of her new “friends” are not clicking through to her site.

What is Morgan doing wrong?


Social media has pitiful engagement rates. Which means that Morgan is wasting her marketing energy on an audience that is distracted and often uninvolved.

Unfortunately many online businesses make the same mistake and it’s costing them the sales needed to scale, grow and thrive.

What’s the solution?

An email list.

If you’re not yet convinced, this infographic from Devesh Design should change your mind. Email crushes social media in views (how many people actually see your content), clicks (how many take action), and even cost (when compared to pay-per-click campaigns).

Check out the infographic below and if you’re wondering how you can grow your email list, read more about that here.

Email ROI vs Social Media ROI

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