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Email & Social: So Happy Together

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A few months ago, we conducted a survey asking companies how they were using email and social media in their marketing strategies, and what results they were seeing with both. 67% of respondents reported that email outperformed social in terms of ROI, although social is still an important component of their marketing plans because of its ability to reach and engage audiences.

We believe if you can combine the two channels in new and compelling ways, you can amplify email’s conversion power with the exciting, real-time elements of social media. But few of those we surveyed are truly integrating the two — 82% reported they always or sometimes use each channel separately.

Roadblocks like lack of ROI attribution for social, siloed marketing teams and a lack of access to proper technology have made integration a challenge or marketers. But there are tools available to make integration simple.

For some inspiring ways to integrate the two channels — and to read the rest of our survey results — download the eBook now.

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