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Email Marketing Trends in 2016

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Consumers are now driving the purchase experience, and marketers are forever trying to find new ways to meet their expectations.

What do consumers want? 78% of retail consumer are more likely to be repeat customers if they’re sent targeted, personalized offers (Infosys), and 80% find recommendations based on previous purchases helpful (eMarketer).

Today’s consumers have an expectation of personally relevant marketing messages, and in 2016 we’ll see more retail brands raising the stakes by delivering contextually aware email content.

Is your brand ready to compete for inbox attention in this new era?

We’ve worked with our partner, interactive agency CTRAC, to bring you insight into new trends, best practices and inspiration to take your email campaigns to the next level in 2016. Register for the free webinar “Email Marketing For Retail: Top Trends for 2016” now.

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