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5 Next-Gen Emails from Lenscrafters, eHarmony, and More

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What if you could allow customers to reserve a hotel room from right within an email? Or make an appointment just by tapping available time slots from within the inbox? What if you sent an email with a sale and a customer opened it after the sale was over… but the email changed to show something just as engaging?

This spring, we’re debuting five next-generation emails that are making use of contextual marketing technology from Movable Ink to create entirely new experiences right within the inbox.

Whether it’s Lenscrafters offering eye exam appointments directly in an email or eHarmony getting sales from an expired sales offer, these brands are helping push email marketing to new heights.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.41.22 PMWant to learn more? Download the Inkredible5, Spring Edition!

You’ll see examples of how brands like Lenscrafters, eHarmony, Nickelodeon, and others are using contextual marketing to build engaging email experiences that boost click-throughs and the bottom line.


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