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Congratulations to DICK’S Sporting Goods for Being Named a Finalist in Digiday’s Resilience Awards

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At Movable Ink, we’re proud to work with some of the most innovative brands in the world. We’re thrilled to announce that DICK’S Sporting Goods has been named a finalist in the Digiday Resilience Awards in the Modern Retail category for Team.

The Resilience Awards recognizes the ways that businesses, teams, and leaders are adapting to a changed reality across media, marketing, fashion, beauty and retail. Presented by Digiday, Glossy and Modern Retail, the award recognizes how teams, individual leaders and businesses as a whole have risen to the occasion.

Like many companies during COVID-19, DICK’S Sporting Goods faced major business and operational disruptions. However, DICK’S quickly adapted to serving customers through the available channels. Throughout the pandemic, the DICK’S marketing team has not missed a beat and continues to contribute to a successful omnichannel experience for customers. This includes communicating and promoting DICK’S contactless curbside pickup, as well as its eCommerce, which has been operational amid the outbreak. 

Working with Movable Ink, DICK’S campaign planning and execution times have been slashed from what would normally take weeks to just days. Especially in the early days of the pandemic, DICK’S store status was changing on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. Using Movable Ink’s real-time, data-driven visual experience platform, the DICK’S team was able to update crucial banner information in a matter of minutes to communicate up-to-date information personalized at the moment of open. The alternative – having to pull a list to retarget banners – would have been too time consuming to have been sustainable or contextually relevant. This not only saved DICK’S crucial time, but it also ensured that the right person was getting the right information at the right time. 

The team continues to build brand value during these challenging times by providing customers with relevant and timely messages while staying sensitive to each individual’s preferences and needs. 

Click here to learn more about the Digiday Resilience Awards and see the full list of finalists.

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