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Built In NYC: An Inside Look at Movable Ink’s Culture

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In case you missed it, we were named one of Built In NYC’s Best Places to Work for the second year in a row. Here at Movable Ink, we take great pride in our culture and best-in-class team. If you’re looking to join us, check out our Built In NYC profile to learn more about our available roles and what it’s like to work at Movable Ink.

Quite a few Inkers have used Built In NYC to join our team, and here’s what they had to say:

– Stacey Stewart, Software Engineer

“When I was on the job hunt, Built In NYC was an invaluable resource for me. A lot of job-posting boards are so global that they don’t have any of the information you’d like to know about a company before you apply – like what the benefits are like and what the office culture is. Built In NYC has all that you would want and so much more! I found out about Movable Ink’s women’s employee resource group, Movable Pink, through Built In NYC which was a driving factor when joining the engineering team.

Movable Ink ended up being a great fit because of the focus on employee happiness. At my previous company, there was no focus on the culture at all, and it’s a huge focus at Movable Ink. We’re always having events that are fun and engaging. We also have events that teach you something, as well as help you meet other people in the company.”

-Afra Ahmad, Principal Rails Engineer

“I knew Built In Chicago, and therefore, headed over to the Built In NYC website to see notable small- to medium-sized companies. Scouring through the companies, Movable Ink really stood out as they emphasized team culture quite a lot, as well as showcasing lots of their talent, and growth in a short time. I remember the emphasis was on career growth and team culture, and those two are very important factors for me.

_I specifically looked at small to medium-sized companies, which showcased a strong culture composed of diversity, growth, and challenged. Movable Ink really stood out to me, and so I applied. A few months in, I can truly say that it is everything I thought it was. The team has a tremendously strong culture, and I am proud to be part of it. “

– Nick Alexander, Business Development Representative

“As someone who is relatively new to tech, Built In NYC was a huge resource to me. Built In NYC gave me a high-level overview of the tech space, which exposed me to companies that I didn’t even know existed, including Movable Ink.

I love the transparency here and how everyone is so open to collaborate.”

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