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Build a Better Welcome Email

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The welcome email has among the highest open and read rates of all marketing emails, and is one of your best opportunities to create a lasting relationship with a customer. But many companies don’t leverage the full power of the welcome email. They send out a message with only a “thanks for signing up” and leave it at that. Or they try to jam too many CTAs into one email that overwhelms the reader.

A well planned series of emails—that not only welcomes a new subscriber or customer, but starts a two-way conversation and builds a connection through polling and storytelling—is much more effective in creating a long lasting relationship with a customer.

Over the next few months, we will be publishing our “Guide to Building a Better Email” series to walk you through the fundamentals of email marketing, so you can take your email campaigns to the next level. In this first edition—now available for download—we’ll guide you through the steps to build a welcome series that will turn your subscribers into loyal customers, while collecting valuable data along the way that will drive action—and ROI—throughout the customer relationship.

Download your copy now. And stay tuned next month for our “Guide to Building a Better Email: Newsletters” to learn about how to incorporate automation, personalization, and contextually relevant messaging to turn an average newsletter into a powerful marketing tool.

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