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5 Quick-Wins for Mother’s and Father’s Day Campaigns

Title reading: 5 Quick-Wins for Mother’s and Father’s Day Campaigns
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Mother’s and Father’s Day Are Almost Here!

In the USA, Mother’s Day is quickly approaching with Father’s Day right on its heels just a month later. To help customers avoid the stress and scramble of last-minute shopping, now's the time for marketers to strategize their campaigns and prioritize timely, relevant messaging. 

For simple yet powerful strategies to enhance your upcoming Mother’s and Father’s Day campaigns, take a peek at how these leading brands incorporate quick-win tactics into their messaging.

Counting Down to Mother’s and Father’s Day

Countdown timers are a tried-and-true addition to any email. Don’t be fooled into thinking its simplicity means that it’s less effective: 42% of customers feel added excitement whenever they see a countdown timer, regardless of it being for a sale, a product release, or a special date.

But marketers don’t have to stick with a plain, uninspiring timer. As seen with Aveda, Hair Cuttery, and The Very Group, marketers can add their own unique twist to any countdown campaigns.

Hair Cuttery's Promotional Play

Every customer loves a deal. But what happens when a deal is paired with an urgency-driving timer? In Hair Cuttery's case, dads quickly book to refresh their 'dos in time for those Father's Day pictures.  With the power of automation, both the banner and the hero image linked directly to Hair Cuttery’s booking page, and the timer collapsed as soon as the promotional cycle ended. (1)

Aveda's Shipping Reminders

Aveda took their easy, breezy countdown timer a step further by using it to display shipping cutoffs. By pairing the timer with their Mother’s Day themed product bundles, customers could easily keep tabs on how much time they had left to shop in order to get their gifts shipped out in time. Once Mother’s Day arrived, the countdown timer automatically collapsed.

Aveda Shipping threshold

The Very Group's Behavioral Modules

To up the ante in their annual Father’s Day Campaign, The Very Group added another automated quick-win to their bannered countdown timer.

In addition to their curated product recommendations, The Very Group added an abandoned cart module using a custom app. Within the abandoned cart message, The Very Group looped in Tagstarr and Bazaarvoice to include powerful behavioral content. For this message, social proofing such as ratings and reviews were used to entice customers to shop.

The Very Group Father's Day email

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Gamification Wins

Gamification tactics have a proven track record of success, w In fact, these experiences boost engagement with nearly 50% of customers. Whether it’s a quiz, a peel ’n reveal, or a scratch-off, adding in a gamified touch is a no-brainer for marketers that want to add a little something extra to their messaging.

Cheryl's Cookies' Sweet Scratch-Off

Along with offering bonus loyalty points for any Mother’s Day items purchased, Cheryl’s Cookies also  powered an enticing mystery offer with their automated scratch-off. While the scratch-off revealed a discount exclusive to email subscribers, Cheryl’s Cookies took the opportunity to drive omni-channel interaction and reinforce brand commitment by having customers redeem the offer in store. This made it easy for customers to pick up just a few more items during their in-store trip—even if they weren’t necessarily for mom.

Still from scratch off

My Jewellery's Progressive Polling

Sometimes, the classic flowers and chocolates aren’t going to cut it. Every mom wants something different, and My Jewellery understands how important it is to know each person’s unique preferences.

To collect that key data, My Jewellery launched a live poll asking each customer what style their mother preferred: statement, personalized, minimalist, or mix n’ match. Once the responses were gathered, My Jewellery used progressive polling to personalize their next send, recommending products based on each customer’s responses. 

M day poll from My Jewellery

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