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4 Reasons to Add Order Status Tracking to Your Marketing Emails

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Offering an exceptional inbox experience is a surefire way to keep retail shoppers happy and turn them into repeat customers. One easy but effective step you can take to add value and provide an innovative user experience is to include an order status tracking bar in post purchase emails.

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Email platforms, like Movable Ink’s, can pull personalized status tracking information into an email through a web crop or an API integration.

Status tracking keeps the customer informed throughout each phase of their purchase, from verification that the order was received, to notification of processing and shipment.

And status tracking offers much more than a great user experience.

**Relevance = Higher open rates
**Transactional trigger emails get the highest open rates, because they’re triggered by customer activity. Simply put, customers want to know what’s happening with their order, so they open the email.

**Cross-selling opportunities
**Status tracking emails are the perfect opportunity to cross-sell other products. A study by Experian found that adding cross-sell recommendations in these types of emails increased transaction rates by 20%.

**Reduced burden on busy customer service centers
**Order status requests are the most common type of call to retail customer service centers, and are even more disruptive during the busy holiday season. Up-to-date status tracking emails free up your customer service lines so that reps can focus on sales.

**Increase future open rates
**Providing additional value and reducing customer frustration by setting expectations with real-time updates increases the likelihood your customer will open future marketing emails from your business.

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