agileEMAIL is Movable Ink's next generation platform, integrated into your ESP and embedded with powerful new capabilities that make email marketers faster, smarter, and more measurable than ever before.

agileEMAIL Workflow Just Got An Upgrade. Design Fully Responsive Email Easier Than Ever.
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Spend more time being creative, less on tedious tasks.

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Concept-to-code. Import your designs into agileEMAIL, and convert them into fully responsive bulletproof HTML email templates within minutes.

Slice and dice. View and manipulate every element of your desktop and mobile templates in an intuitive, responsive, real-time interface. Our cutting-edge visual email template editor makes the creation of real-time email campaigns easier than ever before.

Export and send. Get fully responsive email from one HTML file. Our unified template export gives you the option to export your final HTML template through a simple copy and paste, file download, or by forwarding it as an email.

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Live content. Never deliver a stale email or expired offer ever again. Pull in personalized, live and streaming content directly from a public or authenticated website, RSS feed, or an API call.

Elements. Tap into agileEMAIL’s broad suite of out of the box real-time email marketing utilities, including embedded video in email, local maps, weather forecasts, countdown timers, and more.

Media. A centralized library of all content used across all of your email campaigns allows for easy collaboration with creative teams and agencies, and makes every asset completely reusable for future campaigns.


Testing and optimization. Content optimization takes the guesswork out of testing. Upload multiple creative variations and agileEMAIL will test them all and auto-select the winners – even after you’ve hit the send button.

Hyper-targeting. Target on the fly based on time, geo-location, device, weather, and other dynamic, always changing, consumer contexts.

Personalization. Speak to an audience of one, with email that is truly unique to your recipient, whether it's seats remaining on a flight, estimated time of arrival of an order, or even the person’s name highlighted on the merchandise you’re selling.

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Contextual insight. Dive deep into how factors like time, location, and device impact and influence email marketing engagement and results.

Engagement and conversion funnel. View campaign performance and trends in your engagement funnel over a period of time both at the aggregate and user levels. Gain true cross-channel conversion insights by setting up conversion indicators across your email campaigns and the sites you are trying to drive traffic to.

Real-time tracking. You’ll never have to wait to find out how your campaign is performing ever again. With agileEMAIL, you can watch how your campaign is doing in real-time.

80% lift in click-through rates using real-time geo—targeting

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300% lift in web traffic using a countdown clock

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99% increase in revenue using live content

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Client Experience

Movable Ink’s world-class team of agile email marketing experts is dedicated to ensuring your success. And with over 130 major global brands under their belt – they have the critical experience and track record to do so. Movable Ink offers a comprehensive range of campaign set up and execution options designed to fit your needs. Whether full-service, self-service, or somewhere in between, delivering the best client experience in the industry is our obsession.

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