The Visual Experience Platform

We live in a visual era, but martech tools haven’t kept up. Engaging today’s consumer with unique, relevant, and compelling visuals requires a new approach.

Movable Ink’s platform goes beyond automating the traditionally complex process of creating visual content. Now, marketers can create unique variations for every consumer – the moment they engage with it – whether in email, mobile, or web.

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Built for the Visual Era

Explore our key capabilities

Create Unique Cross-Channel Visual Experiences

Orchestrate real-time, data-driven visual experiences as consumers move across email, mobile, and web

  • Automatically generate unique and compelling creative, including hero images, product imagery, offers, and call-to-actions
  • Increase contextual relevance by targeting creative based on each consumer’s real-time location, weather, time, and device
  • Leverage pre-built creative apps for behavioral content, polls, data visualizations, social feeds, local maps, weather forecasts, and more
  • Easily create immersive augmented reality experiences that can be launched from email, mobile, and web - no mobile app required. Learn More About AR »
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Activate Any Data Source

Build visual experiences with real-time data from API, web, CSV, and CRM sources

  • Easily access all of your disparate enterprise data sources to create unique and innovative experiences at the moment of engagement
  • Activate your creative with real-time information like live pricing and inventory, personalized offers, and loyalty reward balances
  • Automatically export campaign and user data for offline analysis in your analytics or BI tools
Data sources

Simplify Creative Generation

Easily create personalized visual experiences across channels with an intuitive, marketer-friendly UI

  • Build intelligent creative apps that layer images, shapes, and stylized text at moment of engagement without any coding
  • Target and personalize creative with logic and data from any source in real-time with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Vary the visual experience and preview what your customers will see with real-time simulations

Target Consumers Using Recent Behavior

Leverage consumer profiles to target and customize visual experiences based on past behavior

  • Automatically build known and anonymous consumer profiles from interactions and poll selections
  • Maintain a consistent visual experience as consumers re-engage across email, mobile, and web
  • Target and engage consumers based on pages or categories browsed, search terms, abandoned carts, and other interactions

Optimize Every Pixel

Take the pain out of testing with inline A/B testing and real-time creative optimization

  • Enhance the performance of your creative, hero images, call-to-actions, offers, and more
  • Optimize offers or creative for clicks or conversions in real-time
  • Automatically select the top-performing creative to maximize consumer engagement

Get Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Achieve faster time-to-insight with intuitive analytics and dashboards

  • Track real-time campaign performance across channels, including opens, views, impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue
  • View unique email engagement metrics to gain insight into read length, device, time, location, and more
  • Analyze the size and significance of behaviorally defined audiences

Easily Integrate with Existing Martech

Maximize the value of your existing tech investments by activating your data to personalize visual content at scale

  • Access an extensive library of partner integrations to easily connect with complementary martech solutions
  • Tailor intelligent creative apps to your specific needs with our open and extensible platform
  • Send real-time campaign activity to upstream analytics and optimization systems with webhooks
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