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Tips and Tricks to Engage Trick-or-Treaters: Halloween Email Marketing (Pt. 2)

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Last week we posted our first installment of Tips and Tricks for Halloween Email Marketing. It was filled with reasons, ideas and recommendations to consider using Halloween to bump up email performance this year. So is it in your best interest to add some “Boo!” factor to your email in October? Long-story short, it is! Your customers want to see that you are just as agile, current and relevant as brands need to be these days to keep recipients invested in what you offer and engaged in how you offer it to them.

As a follow up, we’ve put together a few more hair-raising tricks to deliver personalized content for part two of our Tips and Tricks To Engage Trick-or-Treaters.

Your email might not even need to be offering anything. Think about sending a nice sentiment to show you’re looking out for your customers. Show you care with some weather-based trick-or-treating tips:


Think about time-targeting your content for before, during and after Halloween. It will drive customers back to your site for items they may not have realized they needed. Or you can engage them with general advice or tips for Halloween with video content. Here we have three videos swapping out of the message, depending on when it’s being read. Before Halloween weekend, we’ve featured make-up ideas and inspiration. During, we’re offering make-up application tips and after, make-up removal product recommendations. All while swapping out the below featured products and letting customers know where their nearest store is if they need to run in an buy these last-minute items:

Before Halloween Show:            During Halloween Show:            After Halloween Show:

Before Halloween                     During Holloween                     After Halloween

But Most Importantly….Get Results! Still on the fence? TEST, TEST, TEST! We can run your holiday-targeted content versus your regularly scheduled content and optimize in real time based on click-through rate or conversions so you can see what your customers respond best to. agileEMAIL gives you a great way to let your customers show you what they want to see from you, but you won’t know until you try, test, and optimize.

However you decide to pump up your Boo! factor, we hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween. Stay agile!

If you have any questions please contact us at  We are glad to help!

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