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Why Intelligent Creative is the Key to Solving Your Engagement and Production Problems

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There’s a massive shift happening in customer engagement strategies, and that change revolves around your creative. Creative is king, but at this stage in the game, plenty of marketers aren’t prepared to keep up with a visual-first audience. Just think about it. The content creation process is usually so labor-intensive that your team is consumed just by the grand task of getting things out of the door – especially when it comes to creating multi-channel campaigns. That’s why intelligent creative is the key to solving your engagement and your production problems.

Yes, you really can have it all.

Engage your audience at every touch point

Intelligent creative lets you boost that engagement by creating data-driven messages your customers are excited about. You can easily add real-time elements (think real-time pricing or inventory) to your landing pages, display ads, and emails so you can be sure that you’re providing the best and most relevant experience for every customer at every moment. And the best part? That dynamic journey can start at any point. Your customer can interact with an email, then click through to a landing page with creative that updates in real-time.

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Fix your production bottleneck

Think about it, how many times has a project been delayed because you needed to adjust creative? With intelligent creative, your team can make countless creative variations from a single set of code. It solves your most painful and time-consuming production problem, so you can free up your bandwidth and spend time doing the actual work: coming up with ideas for sophisticated campaigns that are consistent and compelling across the board. Leading Hotels of the World was able to dramatically cut their production time after getting started with Movable Ink.

Tell compelling and consistent stories across channels

Intelligent creative is responsive instead of predictive, filling in the gaps where your ideal customer journey falls short. When customers abandon carts before purchase, you can use your data to customize messaging across email, web, and display for those who need a little personalized encouragement to keep the momentum going. That can be anything from your abandoned cart email to a personalized display ad or landing page banner that automatically updates for every customer that’s left something in their cart. A consistent, behavioral targeted story across channels is much more likely to compel someone to act.

Visual experiences everywhere

When it comes to your audience, visuals are among the strongest marketing tools you have at your disposal. And when you use intelligent creative across channels, the final result is a highly personalized and relevant experience that drives engagement, loyalty, and increases revenue.

If you want to check out our Visual Experience Platform in action, check out the recording from our product webinar.

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