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Valentine’s Day Email Win: The Weekend Dating Forecast

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. In case you need to mark your calendar, it’s Sunday, February 14 (yeah, that’s right around the corner!)

V-Day is big business. Very big. This year, Americans are expected to spend a record $19.7 billion on candy, flowers, jewelry and other signifiers of affection. Most of that outlay will be by consumers between the ages of 25 and 34, with men spending twice as much on Valentine’s Day purchases as women.

With stakes this high, Valentine’s Day messages are likely piling up in all our inboxes. Florists, jewelers, restaurateurs and other merchants all want the consumer’s attention in advance of this special day. Amid all this activity, how does an email marketer ensure that the most important message (yours) gets noticed?

Well, the folks at eHarmony know something about making connections — the proof is in the 600,000 marriages they say their site has facilitated. But it turns out they are as savvy about email marketing as they are about romantic compatibility, which is proven by the success of a recent contextual marketing message that employed personalization and geotargeting.

The message, billed as “The Weekend Dating Forecast,” automatically suggested a type of date based on weather conditions at the either the time the message was opened or on the forecast for the upcoming Saturday (the biggest dating day of the week). The ideas were uniquely targeted to recipients in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, and included:

  • “A latte for love” (going out for coffee)
  • Scoring “culture points” by visiting a museum
  • Enjoying “summer fun” with a trip to a park
  • “Get cozy” over drinks at a pub

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 5.59.58 PM

The results were impressive: a tripling in CTR and conversion rates compared to the “default” email campaign, and increased conversion on Hero CTA.

Why not take a tip from the folks at eHarmony and woo your prospective Valentine’s Day customers with sophisticated messages based on this model? Love may bloom!

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