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Independence Day Email Campaigns: Don’t throw away your shot!

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We’re quickly coming up on the day that America celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence – the announcement by the 13 colonies that severed their political connections to Great Britain.

This year, thanks to success of the Broadway show Hamilton: An American Musical, the country’s founding is a hot topic, and Alexander Hamilton, “the ten-dollar founding father without a father,” is gaining renewed respect for his many contributions to the birth of the nation, which included wartime heroism, a stint as George Washington’s “right-hand man” and serving as the first U.S. treasury secretary.

In the production, Alexander Hamilton refers to his boundless ambition and willingness to act on it with the line “I’m young, scrappy and hungry, and I’m not throwing away my shot!”

It’s a line that that should resonate with email marketers as Independence Day approaches. “Young, scrappy and hungry” are arguably accurate descriptors of our industry. And we only get one shot each year to capitalize on the value of Independence Day – which, to use a word beloved by a current leading presidential contender, is huge.

Last year, U.S. consumers spent $6.7 billion on Independence Day barbecues and picnics (that’s a lot of hotdogs and burgers), and more than $700 million on fireworks. More than 33 million Americans planned an Independence Day vacation last year, and more are expected to travel this year; in fact, online travel bookings related to the holiday this year are expected to top $3 billion – making it a bigger online marketing event than Cyber Monday.

So, with all those consumer dollars at stake, and given that Memorial Day is already on the very near horizon, it’s clearly not too early for email marketers to be thinking about their Independence Day plans.

To make sure you don’t throw away your shot at making an impact with your holiday-related messages, you might want to keep three related words in mind: “ready,” “aim” and “fire.”

  • **Ready: Are you prepared to take your shot?
    **Have you done your market research, planned your special offers, stocked up inventory, strategized with the right partners, etc.?

  • **Aim: Is your target clearly lined up?
    **Do you know who your audience is? Have you thought about how to personalize your messages and contextualize them with your recipients’ location or even the weather?

  • **Fire: Do you know when you are going to hit send?
    **This is no surprise, but according to Experian: Independence Day-related emails are typically concentrated around the big day; last year 70 percent were sent within one week of the holiday. When is the best time to send your messages – a week before, the day of, or perhaps a few days afterwards? Timing certainly should be at the forefront of your strategic planning.

Make Alexander Hamilton proud this Independence Day and don’t throw away your shot for a profitable holiday. (And if you have a lead on tickets for the show, please let us know.)

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