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Improve Holiday Email Conversion Rates With These 3 Tips

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Most businesses are scheduled to start sending their holiday emails after Halloween, but it’s not too late to make a few tweaks to your campaigns to increase open rates and conversions. Here are a few tips.

Optimize for mobile

Holiday shoppers are relying on their mobile devices more than ever before:

  • 67% of consumers plan to use mobile more frequently for holiday browsing than last year. (Signal)
  • 45**%** of traffic to retail web sites was mobile during 2014 holiday shopping season. (IBM)
  • 60% of Amazon’s site traffic was mobile. (IBM)

Emails must be responsive to accommodate new shopping behaviors. Responsive design is a must for readable emails, but in order to make an impact and convert, marketers must go beyond responsive design and deliver relevant messaging that makes it as easy as possible for shoppers to find and buy what they need.

One way to do this is to deliver emails that are tailored to device type and offer mobile-specific content, like a mobile-only “reveal in-store” coupon.


Progressive Polling

Progressive polling offers an opportunity to better predict what offers your customers are more likely to act on. Send an email in advance of a special promotion, and let recipients choose from a few options which they’d like to receive. Then retarget them with the promotion they voted for.

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**Swap out expired offers

If an offer expires before the customers has a chance to act on it, always give them
another opportunity to buy. Track holiday shipping deadlines and swap out expired shipping offers with a new offer for online gift cards or send them to a post-holiday sale.


Check back soon for more holiday email strategies.

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