A Walkthrough of Movable Ink’s Critical Messaging App

Last week, we announced that our Critical Messaging App would be available at no cost to all of our clients to use for the rest of the year for COVID-19 service messaging. 

The Critical Messages App has become one of the most widely adopted Movable Ink use cases by our clients over the last month. With the Critical Messages App, marketers can quickly and easily add a banner with real-time information to any existing email campaign. Use cases include time-sensitive messaging like real-time updates, inventory alerts, and call volume.

How does it work? Simply find an existing campaign where you would like to add a Critical Messages banner. Add the Critical Messages App to a new content block, and enter the copy of your message and style to your brand guidelines. Then, you can preview your message and add it to your email campaign. The banner can be turned on or off at any time for any reason, and can be updated in real-time to react to today’s fluid environment.

The app is powered by a blank pixel placed in the template and is then activated as needed by the marketer to display the relevant message – even after the email has been deployed and is in the consumers’ inbox.

Watch the demo to see how it works:

By making the Critical Messages App free to use, we hope to remove the barriers our clients face so they can easily communicate with their customers at any time.

We continue to support our clients during these trying times, whether it’s brainstorming for changing marketing calendars or getting quick customer messages out the door. To learn more about best practices for customer communications during the novel coronavirus, see our recent blog posts and webinar recordings.

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