Why Language is Critical in Marketing and What You Can Do to Maximize its Awesome Effect

The following blog post was written by Parry Malm, Co-Founder and CEO at Phrasee.

The average consumer in the United States is exposed to more than 5,000 advertisements per day. Cutting through all that clutter to deliver a branded message that resonates and engages has never been more difficult…or more crucial to a brand’s bottom line. 

Every interaction with a brand has a real impact

And language makes that interaction positive or negative. So, you better make it work.

Using the wrong language in your marketing can have massive real-world consequences. Consider the likes of Reebok’s “Cheat on your girlfriend, not your workout” campaign, which offended women’s rights advocates in 2012, or the 1994 “The future’s bright, the future’s Orange” campaign by the telecommunications giant, which risked alienating the predominantly Protestant community in Northern Ireland. It doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that your brand’s copy matters a lot. Getting it wrong can alienate consumers, drive them away from your brand, and negatively affect your bottom line.

Conversely, using the right language in your marketing can have just the opposite effect.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, as the age-old maxim goes

You only need to look at Apple’s journey to the highest heights of tech success to witness a masterclass in effective branding and getting your marketing copy right. In its earliest days, Apple’s marketing copy hadn’t really achieved iconic status. But over time, a major branding shift took place with language playing a major role in the brand’s meteoric rise to the top of the tech game.

Subtle changes to language can, therefore, have a huge impact on marketing performance. Measured over several campaigns, ads, or sends, this impact will manifest itself as a significant change in revenue generated.

With digital marketing channels offering brands reach on a grand scale, even a small incremental increase in user engagement can represent millions of dollars in extra revenue.

Brands invest millions of dollars worldwide each year in strategies and tools in the hopes of accomplishing exactly that. But few brands (until now) have focused their efforts and budgets on developing an effective, sustainable, data-based approach to writing better marketing copy.

But this approach is needed if brands want to thrive in an era of excess demand and capped supply of copywriting. It’s the only way to truly take advantage of the language effect, the impact that better copywriting has on your brand’s marketing.

Language-driven success in marketing is not only possible – it’s crucial

And thanks to advanced solutions like Phrasee, the tech is finally here to help.

You can learn more about maximizing the language effect with AI-Powered Copywriting by visiting phrasee.co.

About the Author

Parry Malm, Co-founder and CEO at Phrasee

Parry is CEO of Phrasee, the AI-Powered Copywriting company transforming the global marketing industry. An author and a world-leading expert on digital marketing, he is a passionate campaigner for ethical AI and changing the way brands market to consumers to ensure the language they use measures up for mental health.