Movable Ink Wins Best Marketing Cloud/Automation in AdWeek’s Best of Tech Partner Awards

We are proud to announce that Movable Ink was named a winner in AdWeek’s Best of Tech Partner Awards for Marketing Cloud/Automation!

Sound familiar? This is Movable Ink’s second AdWeek win. We were named Best Marketing Cloud/Automation in AdWeek’s inaugural Reader’s Choice Awards back in October. And we’re in good company: brands like Salesforce, Oracle, and Adobe were also named winners.

Movable Ink’s tech allows businesses to update the content of their emails in real time according to individualized response data. In 2019, the company introduced a digital marketplace and expanded its mobile app offerings. Movable Ink’s clients include multiple NBA teams, large brands such as Under Armour and even the Democratic National Committee. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has offered its Critical Messaging App for free so businesses can keep their messages updated as service capabilities change.

– AdWeek

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