Movable Ink + Operation Backpack

Those back-to-school ads seem to start earlier each year. But for thousands of NYC students, the back to school season shopping season is a source of anxiety for reasons other than being reminded of summer vacation’s end. This month we’re partnering with Operation Backpack to raise money and collect school supplies so children in NYC’s homeless shelters can start off their academic year on a good note.

Yeah, the video made us cry too.

One of the most devastating consequences of homelessness is the impact it has on a child’s education. Through Operation Backpack, over 18,000 children who are homeless go back to school confident and prepared with everything on their supply list so they can focus on the important things instead.

Want to help?

You can make a donation here or purchase supplies from this wishlist (just be sure to pick “Movable Ink registry address” as the delivery option.)

We’re always looking for new ways to volunteer and give back our time to our local community. Stay tuned for more updates about our volunteering adventures.