Monday Catch-up: Facebook Lead Ads & Contextual Mobile Messaging

Digital marketing needs to continuously evolve to meet consumers’ wants and needs, which can leave marketers scratching their heads trying to figure out how to keep up. One thing is for sure — if you’re looking for a magic bullet, you’ll be disappointed.

Here’s a recap of two stories that prove the most successful marketing campaigns incorporate the right mix of channels, messaging and data.

Facebook says Lead Ads makes email list building easier, reduces cost-per-lead

Facebook’s new product, Lead Ads, is now available to all advertisers. It was designed to encourage users to connect with their favorite businesses by easily sharing their contact information, such as an email address.

When a user clicks on a Lead Ad, a form will autofill with the contact information they provided to Facebook during registration, simplifying the process of requesting product information, taking action on an offer or signing up for a newsletter to just a couple of clicks.

According to Facebook product manager Paresh Rajwat, the test run was a success. “Advertisers who tested it saw amazing performance, including significant reductions in cost-per-lead for their campaigns.”

Integration partners include Marketo, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce.

Lead Ads is a logical next step to increase the quality of leads gained through social media channels. Last year, Facebook and Salesforce teamed up to conduct a study and found a major online retailer reached 77% more of its audience when it combined email and Facebook ads than with email alone. They also found the audience reached with both ads and email were 22% more likely to purchase.

Social’s reach and email’s conversion power continues to be a winning combination for digital marketers. Download our free eBook to learn more about how email and social can work better together.

Contextual mobile messaging is a clear winner for advertisers 

According to Forbes, contextual mobile advertising, such as location-based messaging, is paying off for brands and businesses.

By using data to offer consumers targeted, relevant offers, some businesses are seeing up to a 10x lift in engagement, and a 4x lift in conversion rates, reports Simon Bailey, CEO of Axonix — a mobile-first programmatic ad exchange.

Most businesses are taking advantage of some form of contextual advertising. A 2015 survey from mobile ad platform xAd found that 80% of mobile marketers are now using location data to deliver contextual ads to consumers.

Read the full story at Forbes.

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