Monday Catch-up: Acceleration, Problem Solving, and Unsubscribes

And we’re off on another work-week, marketers! Here are a few news items to get you off to a running start (like this dachshund—in case you didn’t get the connection).

Personalization can boost your conversion rates by 208%

“If you run an online business, there are a series of actions you can take to accelerate your business growth. Often these actions will double; triple or even quadruple your business growth,” writes William Morrow on The Huffington Post. He cites email marketing and personalization of emails as two of those accelerators. “If your business is yet to embrace email marketing, you’re outdated and are only experiencing a fraction of your growth potential,” he writes, pointing to data indicating that “personalizing/segmenting your emails can boost your conversion rates by a whopping 208 percent compared to if you use the usual batch-and-blast approach.”

Problem solving with email marketing

Loren McDonald, writing as the “Email Insider” for MediaPost, sees email marketing as a tool for solving company-wide problems. In his work with dozens of email marketing teams around the world, he’s been impressed by those that “focus on solving important business, customer and marketing problems, not just achieving everyday marketing goals and challenges.” He shares several examples of problems he has seen email marketers tackle, including product returns, low renewal of program memberships and increasing direct mail costs.

Make it easy for your subscribers to leave (really!)

Sure, you hate to see them go. But if your recipients want to unsubscribe from your messages, make the process easy, Elaine Fogel, writing at Business 2 Community. “If you want e-mail subscribers to have a positive brand experience with your organization, don’t tick them off when they unsubscribe! They may still want to do business with you but, for some reason, they don’t want to receive your emails or newsletters,” she writes, and shares five suggestions for making the process a breeze for current (and hopefully future) subscribers.

Identifying companies that value email marketing (and marketers)

Over at Marketing Land, Chad White takes a look at the results of a recent survey to determine “characteristics that identify companies that value email marketing – and, in turn email marketers.” The survey of 500 U.S.-based email marketers looked at geographic location, industry vertical, company size and other factors. His conclusion: “The easiest way to identify companies that value email marketing is to look for complexity. Complexity in terms of people means looking at team sizes, the number of specialists on that team and the use of agencies and freelancers. And complexity in terms of email execution means looking at the range of tools they use and the tactics they’re using.”

Planning your July 4th Email Campaign

It’s no too late to register for our webinar, How to Plan an Independence Day Email Campaign that Engages and Converts – tomorrow at 1 PM EST. Webinar_MailCharts_Blog