[Lookbook] The Inkredible 5: Best of 2016

2016 was the year of stepping up your email game. We saw countless brands get more innovative in the inbox and embrace contextual marketing. We featured many of those brands in our quarterly lookbook, the Inkredible 5.

It’s hard enough choosing the best contextual emails of each season. For the Inkredible 5: Best of 2016, we were tasked with choosing the top contextual emails of the year.

We knew that these emails had to be really special. They had to combine top-notch content with context while keeping their customers top of mind.

We’re excited to say that Bloomingdale’s, Spotify, Hotel Tonight, eHarmony and The Madison Square Garden Company delivered the best contextual emails we saw all year. They leveraged smart contextual tactics like web cropping, advanced personalization, weather targeting and more to achieve amazing results.

Want to see the best contextual emails of 2016? Download the lookbook now.