Entertainment Communications in the Age of Coronavirus

Effective critical communications start at the top, with senior leaders using email marketing as a means to share news about COVID-19, what they are doing to help, and also what consumers can do to stay safe and help others. But apart from the commonality of top-of-mind emails from the C-Suite, communications in the age of coronavirus should not be one-size-fits-all. 

The novel coronavirus is having a massive influence on the global economy and marketers need to be able to respond and adapt to a quickly changing landscape. That’s why Movable Ink’s client strategy team is sharing industry-specific tactics that entertainment brands can employ to maintain transparency and keep customers at the core of their critical communications.

Give customers flexible offers in response to cancellations

As mass gatherings are restricted and social distancing is increasingly mandated to stop the spread of the coronavirus, several organizations are canceling in-person events. 

For customers that have purchased tickets to live events, social distancing can be especially disappointing. Brands can consider instating flexible offers to ensure customers know that they are valued and supported. StubHub is offering either a full refund or a 120% price credit for those who bought tickets to an event that was canceled, a tactic that goes to show customers that the company cares about them and their business.

Provide fans with transparent reasoning and additional guidance 

Mandatory restrictions on mass gatherings have also had a large impact on sporting events. Several events are canceling, postponing, or shifting to closed-door games that are broadcasted. In response to this, leagues have the opportunity to provide transparent reasoning and additional guidance to fans and players to limit the spread of the coronavirus. 

The NBA issued a statement to explain that the health and safety of fans and players is their main priority, assuring fans that the company will continue to monitor and adjust their operations according to the most recent information from public health officials.

Consider shifting to virtual events

Instead of canceling or rescheduling, many brands are now shifting their planned events to virtual offerings in order to provide customers the opportunity to continue to partake in events in some form. In shifting to a virtual offering, organizations also have the opportunity to attract a larger global audience. 

In these instances, brands can promote their virtual events with add to calendars and retain a sense of interactivity and community by incorporating real-time messaging on event status and real-time social media updates for live narration. Organizations can also promote chat functionality or online communities to drive engagement.

About the author

Naveen Wall

Prior to joining Movable Ink, Naveen worked at multiple brands that are creating innovative marketing experiences for media and tech services, including Shutterstock, Time Out North America, and Global Radio. She joins Movable Ink from SiriusXM, where she ran the brand’s engagement newsletter and supported the roll-out of their recommendations engine that displays real-time information on live ‘now playing’ content.