Email Spotlight: Puma

Any company with multiple locations knows the challenge of communicating with customers nationwide. 

From local events, to differing store hours, to varying store inventory, delivering accurate and consistent messages seems nearly impossible.

This is the challenge that PUMA was faced with when they recognized a need to drive more revenue in each local PUMA Outlet store.

The challenge

PUMA wanted to drive foot traffic (no pun intended) to their stores by making it easy for customers to find their local PUMA Outlet, along with the store’s hours. The challenge? Every store has different hours, so the email would need to deliver personalized information based on each customer’s location.

Using Movable Ink’s local maps, PUMA was able to help customers find their local store based on their location at the moment the email was opened. They also time-targeted the email based on the day to ensure that people could reach a store that was open.

Finally, they included CTA buttons (“Get Directions”) with a Google Maps link to their nearest store. Customers loved the convenience these emails provided, and PUMA now uses local maps regularly in their campaigns.

Here’s what the email looked like:

The results

This email experience made it easy for PUMA customers to quickly find their local store’s hours and location. Because the email was time-targeted, a customer could read the email and then head out to their local store, knowing that it would be open by the time they arrived.

This level of convenience and context was a home-run for PUMA, and the brand plans on adding even more intelligent content to their next round of messaging.

“Adding the local map function to our outlet store emails was one of the first Movable Ink features we added, and we haven’t looked back. We love that it adds a layer of convenience for the customer, while also driving traffic to our stores. Movable Ink has worked with us to update the map and keep the experience fresh. Next up is adding Movable Ink testing on the store map copy and email CTA buttons!” Jennifer M. Ramella Manager, Marketing – Ecommerce PUMA North America