Email Spotlight: Movember

Last year, Movember Foundation used personalization in their emails to drive incredible engagement among their participants, and saw 30% higher donation values as a result. This year, they wanted to set the bar even higher.

The challenge

Their goal was to drive high-value participants to beat their best year of fundraising and re-engage first-time participants from 2016. They wanted to created a campaign that leveraged customer data and used advanced personalization to show a detailed snapshot for each individual.

Here’s an example of the email for a high-value participant:

This email uses data visualization that displays everything from the recipient’s name to their highest amount raised, challenging them to go even bigger in 2017. If they were first-time participants in 2016, they saw an overview of Movember 2016’s success along with their donation amount from last year.

The results

The result was an impressive click-to-open rate that was six times higher than other Movember emails sent that week without personalization. Participants loved seeing their unique stats, and the email motivated first-timers to get moving.

“With the help of Movable Ink, we are able to easily display personal stats in a fun and engaging way – giving each of our high value participants a one-of-a-kind email experience.” Paige McCallum, Movember Foundation.

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