Email Spotlight

Email Spotlight: Bluemercury

When your customers are spread out all over the country, creating a relevant experience for every single person can be a huge challenge.

Bluemercury wanted to promote in-store events to their customers nationwide, but there was one problem – well, make that dozens of problems.

The challenge

They have retail stores across the country, each with different events to promote. Creating, reviewing, and QAing content for countless variations would be ridiculously time-consuming.

Thanks to Movable Ink, Bluemercury was able to activate their customer data easily to create all of the variations they needed automatically. Using a CSV file with data on each store, event times, brands featured at those events and more, they were able to power all the creative variations they needed in less time.

With the addition of an add to calendar button and a map of nearby stores, the email provided a relevant experience that made it easy for customers to set reminders right in their own calendars for events at their local Bluemercury store.

Here’s what the email looked like:

The results

In addition to saving 30+ hours of email production time, Bluemercury was able to create a highly relevant experience for their customers, no matter where they were located.

“One of the struggles we experience as a smaller digital marketing team is supporting both the online digital marketing initiatives as well as our store’s individual events. This helped us support our stores’ businesses, target their specific markets, and save time so we can continue to stay on track with other digital marketing initiatives!” Kristin Parenzan, Bluemercury