Congrats to HotelTonight for Winning the EEC Award for Best Use of Humor

We’re proud to announce that HotelTonight won the EEC Award for Best Use of Humor.

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Now let’s take a look at the award-winning campaign:

The holidays are stressful, and HotelTonight wanted to encourage their subscribers to say no to air mattresses and awkward family drama by booking a room. This email opens up with a header image of a cross-stitched sampler proclaiming “Home is where the heart is. Hotel is where the in-laws aren’t.”, followed by hotel recommendations with real-time pricing.

HotelTonight is not a brand to shy away from being clever, cheeky and brave with playing around with their brand. The message of having a great holiday where you visit, don’t stay, with a funny hero image brings a level of humor and personality to this campaign.