[Case Study] How The Leading Hotels of the World Drastically Improved Email Production

If you’re an email marketer, your time is valuable. But so many email marketers are manually piecing their messages together by hand, making countless revisions and ultimately spending weeks or months to get a single campaign out the door.

And that’s not even accounting for multiple versions, design alternations or the time spent gathering creative approvals.

Small teams with limited resources know this problem all too well. That’s why 91% of marketers agree that marketing automation is crucial to their success.

The benefits of email automation go well beyond time saving – although that’s a major reason to embrace it.

Take The Leading Hotels of the World, for example. They’re a luxury hotel brand with more than 375 hotels in more than 75 countries. They regularly send email marketing messages to several international markets, each with their own styling requirements.

Creating these messages was not only massively time-consuming, the brand often faced consistency issues that left their creative looking off-brand.

The Leading Hotels of the World needed a way to automate their email production process to deliver flawless, on-brand newsletters that didn’t take weeks to send. And they found their solution using language localization and web crops from Movable Ink.

Want to see the campaign and learn how they did it? Download the case study now.