[Webinar Recording] Black Friday Strategies for Retail Marketers: How DSW Elevated their Campaigns with Movable Ink

Marketers, are you ready to #StealTheseIdeas for your holiday campaigns? Julio Lopez, our Associate Director of Client Strategy and retail expert sat down with DSW to discuss how they used our platform to transform campaigns for the holiday season and beyond.

We had a lot of great questions during the presentation. Here are just a few of them:

Q: How do you use Movable Ink to drive urgency for your email campaigns?

A: Movable Ink makes it easy for companies to drive urgency and even create a sense of FOMO (that is, the Fear of Missing Out). One way to do this is with real-time inventory. With Movable Ink, you can display the number of times other customers have viewed a particular product, or show real-time inventory levels if a product is selling fast. You can also pull in real-time pricing to drive urgency around a limited-time offer.

Q: What tools can be used to create personalized recommendations?

A: Why, Movable Ink, of course 🙂 One great example of a company using personalized product recommendations is Under Armour. Movable Ink helped Under Armour use their website as a data source, so they could automatically pull in product recommendations that were similar to a customer’s past purchases. Not only did this create an elevated customer experience, Under Armour saw a 132% list in CTOR as a result of their product recommendations campaign.

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