A Sneak Peek of Verizon at Think Summit

Our team sat down with Michael Habib, Digital Channel Manager at Verizon, to learn his best marketing tips and talk to #emailgeeks across the Twitterverse. It turns out our followers had a lot of great advice to share, and we even got a preview of Michael’s Think Summit keynote.

Here’s what everyone had to say:

You probably see a lot of marketing campaigns in your inbox. What separates the good from the bland?

What’s your best advice for marketers who want to take their emails to the next level?

Let’s talk about personalization. How can marketers move beyond first name personalization?

What’s your go-to advice for creating customer-centric campaigns?

You won an EEC award for making over an existing campaign. What do you think an email marketer should prioritize when refreshing a campaign?

What are your tips for creating a great visual experience in an email?

So you joined us for Think Summit last year,  what are you looking forward to this year?

Can you give us any hints about your Think Summit keynote?

If you want actionable advice with none of the buzzwords, there’s so much more where that came from. You can watch Michael and speakers from Virgin Holidays, DSW, PayPal and more take the main stage at Think Summit. Get your tickets here.