30 Ways Your Data Can Drive 2019 Holiday Revenue

Customer data is the most powerful tool that digital marketers have in their holiday-season toolbox, and it’s not too early to think about how you are going to deploy it this year. Harness the power of your data to:   

  1. Ensure offers and messages that key customer segments receive are aligned with their most important purchase-decision drivers.
  2. A/B test your creative using live optimization to ensure your customers always have the best possible experience.
  3. Increase conversions and successful outcomes at key interaction points along your customers’ path to purchase.
  4. Drive automation of your entire content-creation process in a way that marries your data and creative across multiple channels to save your team time and resources.
  5. Identify ways you can create value for your customers.
  6. Automatically pull your customer’s recent purchase or browsing information to create cart-abandonment messages, product recommendations, and more, using behavioral retargeting.
  7. Deploy elements including pricing and inventory into your messages in real time so your customers always see up-to-the-second information.
  8. Target and acquire customers that exhibit similar behavior as your most profitable customers – and would be most likely to follow in their purchasing footsteps.
  9. Fine-tune your efforts so that your resources are focused on prospective customers with the highest likelihood to purchase and highest potential lifetime value.
  10. Leverage live polling to gather information on your new customers regarding preferences, category types, and even for whom they plan on shopping
  11. Recommend products to customers that they’ll actually want.
  12. Enable your customer-loyalty systems to display real-time rewards points at the customer’s moment of engagement.
  13. Offer real-time location and weather information to customers (something that is particularly important – and engaging – for holiday shoppers in northern climes!).
  14. Drive interest to your most popular products.
  15. Offer customers real-time rewards-points information that is automatically refreshed every time they engage with your email message.
  16. Provide loyalty-program customers with a visual experience that meets them at each moment of engagement and drives them to promotions that are relevant to their rewards status.
  17. Make a great impression with new customers by surprising and delighting them with a contextual, personalized buying experience.
  18. Include a promotion with contextually relevant information that encourages new customers to click on an ad and share their email address with you.
  19. Deploy a poll about customer buying preferences or the type of products they’re interested in that results in them seeing a hero image on your home page that is generated based on their poll choices.
  20. Power a countdown timer that shows customers how much time they have left to act on a promotion or offer, and possibly create enough FOMO for a conversion.
  21. Automatically update product recommendations to customers so the price you offer in an email message is reflected on your website.
  22. Provide a seamless experience that turns one-time buyers into repeat customers.
  23. Re-engage lapsed customers with personalized visuals.
  24. Pull recently browsed products into your emails to drive upsells.
  25. Welcome returning customers to your home page with personalized images.
  26. Send a personalized reminder to customers that encourages them to re-purchase their favorite products.
  27. Make it easy for customers to re-order their favorite products.
  28. Use customer reviews to create personalized images.
  29. Make it easy for customers to re-purchase their desired size or quantity of products.
  30. Identify customers who have encountered negative experiences, so you can adjust your messaging to them, such as by temporarily suppressing certain promotional offers that they otherwise may have received.