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Movable Ink

The Magic Behind L'OCCITANE Marketing

Case Study: How L’OCCITANE Transforms Beauty Marketing Into 1:1 Personalization with Movable Ink

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  • 7%Lift in ATV YoY Growth Across 4-Day Black Friday Campaign

L’OCCITANE is for beauty lovers. With a clear mission to create natural and sustainable fragrances, skincare, haircare, and body and bath products, the brand brings French decadence to its customers wherever they are in the world. 

Founded in 1976, L’OCCITANE has delivered pristine service for over 45 years with core values that delve deeper than beauty care. With a commitment to nature, sustainability, women’s empowerment, and fighting against preventable blindness, L’OCCITANE makes innovative strides in the beauty industry that are ultimately changing it for the better. 

From the almond trees in Provence, France, to the shea butter in Burkino Faso, West Africa, L’OCCITANE sources ingredients from the Earth’s most profound places, with a promise to their loyal customers that their products not only exhibit results but create a sense of well-being. 

The L’OCCITANE and Movable Ink partnership was born in an effort to communicate the brand’s message on a personal and global level through a successful digital strategy.

L’OCCITANE’s marketing team set a high standard by bringing the most customer-centric experiences into their emails — ensuring everyone is targeted with products they will undoubtedly love based on their unique and ever-changing skincare regimen while receiving up-to-date brand information that fits their needs. Movable Ink helped make it possible. 

In 2021, L’OCCITANE created a results-driven and successful Black Friday campaign. The brand found that location and product targeting based on an individual customer’s preferences increased CVR, AOV, and created an overall enriching experience for shoppers. The following case study highlights its successes.

Create Buzz: Social Proofing

Black Friday deals instill a sense of urgency and a bit of FOMO. The L’OCCITANE marketing team used these known consumer responses to their advantage when promoting their top trending products of the week. To create buzz and encourage Black Friday purchases, L’OCCITANE displayed the number of shoppers who bought a trending item that week so others were tempted to follow suit.

Using Movable Ink’s behavioral tracking pixel, L’OCCITANE automatically displayed the highest trending products with the most accurate number of purchases that were made at the time of send.

Gather Preferences: Progressive Polling

One of the most dependable methods of capturing customer information is through zero-party data. This is when the customer intentionally and proactively shares personal preferences with a brand, ultimately building a stronger relationship between the two. Not only does this prompt customer trust, but it also allows future marketing communications to align more closely with what recipients want to see.

L’OCCITANE used Movable Ink’s progressive polling functionality to seamlessly collect zero-party data. When the customer clicks on their favorite type of product within the email, marketers capture that purchase intent. The chosen preference is then used for upcoming email sends to target relevant messaging and discounts so the customer is more apt to continue their purchase journey. 

For instance, if the customer clicked on the “Fragrance” option in the initial progressive polling email, they were retargeted with a discount banner in the follow-up send that highlighted a 20% off sale including fragrances. 

A L'OCCITANE Black Friday email with a poll

Meet Customers Where They Are: Local Maps

Omni-channel success exists when all forms of commerce support each other. So it was important for L’OCCITANE to encourage customers to visit their nearest physical boutique while shopping online Black Friday deals.

Using Movable Ink’s Map Helper, L’OCCITANE created a custom evergreen module that lived at the bottom of their Black Friday emails to indicate the customer’s nearest boutique including the address, store hours, and phone number. To take it a step further, L’OCCITANE deep-linked Google Maps into the email so the customer could get directions to their specific store with a click of a button. 

An email from L'OCCITANE, powered by Movable Ink, which shows the nearest boutique


Beauty is only skin deep. That’s why L’OCCITANE focuses on the behaviors and preferences of their customers to create a personalized marketing experience that inspires engagement. With Movable Ink, the L’OCCITANE marketing team prioritizes relevant and tailored communications to create a tried-and-true, 1:1 connection with their customers. This proves that once a brand understands what is most meaningful to its shoppers, success follows.

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