We’re Thankful for Our Inkredible Clients

We’re feeling festive around here. Inkers are enjoying seasonal treats and our team is ready to help marketers successfully navigate the Black Friday crunch. As we’re gearing up for the holiday ahead, we wanted to take a moment to express how thankful we are to have such incredible clients.

If you’re new around here, you should know that we were recently won Adweek’s Best of Tech Award for Best Marketing Cloud/Automation. It was an honor to be nominated alongside such an impressive list of martech pioneers, and we’re so grateful for all of the clients and partners who took the time to vote. Here are just a few of the lovely things they’ve had to say:

Movable Ink has significantly improved our customer experiences, resulting in increased in-store and online sales.

Joseph Tertel, Director, Digital Marketing, Rite Aid

I compare other vendors that I work with to Movable Ink because Movable Ink is the gold standard.

Mike Weiss, Marketing Manager, Retention Marketing, Macy’s

The experience of onboarding, set up, and launch of our first and second campaigns with Movable Ink was, perhaps, the best managed and executed vendor relationship I have ever experienced. The level of knowledge from the MI team and the ability to execute our complex requests was stunning.

Joshua Raskin, Email Marketing Manager, Frontier Airlines

With Movable Ink, we’ve become more strategic with relevant, real-time visuals. We can make our customers feel special and let them know that we understand them.

Marisa Silva, Email Marketing Specialist, Under Armour

Our emails today have to compete in an ever-crowded inbox. Movable Ink enables us to create these visual experiences that not only tick the box of innovating for and engaging our customers, but also generate real returns for the business.

Chris Fleming, Email Marketing Manager, Next

Movable Ink helped us bring our campaign to life in a matter of weeks. By using the Movable Ink platform, we took our daily email one step further than the average newsletter by offering new interactive experiences each day, which kept fans engaged throughout the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs and Final.

Laura Eidam, Email Marketing Coordinator, NBC Sports