HackNY Student Hackathon

Over the weekend we presented Movable Ink at the HackNY Student Hackathon.  There was a huge turnout (over 300 people) and everyone packed into the lecture hall to hear about APIs from some great startups.

HackNY API Presentations

Afterwards the students went to work on a 24-hour non-stop coding session to build interesting products using the APIs, and when the dust settled some really interesting hacks had emerged.  Among the awesome hacks presented were a cloud-coordinated loudspeaker system, an RFID food orderer, and an unholy combination of every API with Nyan Cat, but our favorite hack used our very own Movable Ink API along with the Foursquare API.

SquareSig is a hack by Misha Ponizil that brings your foursquare checkins directly into your email.  With just a few clicks you can get a map of all your latest checkins right in your email signature.  Even better, Misha built the entire thing in the last 4 hours of the hackathon!

SquareSig screenshot

To see Misha’s awesome presentation, check out the HackNY LiveStream and skip to 130:50.