Enter to Win a Contextual Email Makeover

How do you feel about your emails? Do you like them, love them, or feel kind of “meh” about them?

At Movable Ink, we want everyone to love their emails. And one of the best ways to make that happen is with context.

Context enhances your emails, makes them work harder for you and helps you get the best marketing results possible. It enables you to exceed your KPIs and boost revenue. In short, context can make you fall in love with email marketing all over again.

That’s why we’re offering a complimentary contextual email makeover to one lucky winner.

Here’s how it works: click here and fill out this form. If you win, we’ll reach out to you directly via email. Then, our email experts will redesign one of your emails with context.

But that’s not all! The winning email will be featured in a live webinar on Thursday, February 23 at 1pm ET. In the webinar, we’ll walk through each of our contextual recommendations. We’ll explain how any brand can use context to achieve incredible results, plus we’ll give you plenty of inspiration for your next email campaign.

You have until Thursday, February 16. Click below to enter. Good luck!

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