Celebrating International Women’s Day: Meet Three #LadyBoss Inkers

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we wanted to highlight just a few of our #ladyboss Inkers who push the boundaries of innovation every single day and have been featured in the news lately.

Andi Mignolo, Head of User Experience Design

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In her interview with Built in NYC, Andi shared her journey to her current role and shared her best advice for women in tech.

“I think the biggest challenge for me has been being someone who is outside the typical tech leadership archetype. I remember stepping into my first leadership role and getting passive-aggressive questions about whether I really wanted to do this, the implication being that I probably shouldn’t. When I tried to emulate what I saw around me the results were less than stellar. But when I started to approach leadership from a place that was authentically me, everything clicked.”

Alison Lindland, Vice President of Strategic Accounts


In her “Tastemakers and Trends” interview with Shaw + Scott, Alison shared her path to email marketing as well as the latest and greatest email trends.

“After business school, I joined American Express and had a phenomenal experience there doing product marketing and business development. In my tour in product, I was the first iPhone app product manager, and email was tantamount to my success. Coming out of the recession we had very little funding for above-the-line marketing for the app, so email was always going to be one of our biggest channels.

I would negotiate with friends from my intern program to give me a spot in their newsletters and, in exchange, I would come present in their team meetings on how mobile was going to impact their card product or vertical. Nothing in our marketing plan came close to replicating the lift in volume we got from those emails!”

Michaela Lehr, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis


In her “Women in Enterprise” interview with Work-Bench, Michaela shared advice she wishes she had known earlier in her career.

“If the environment is toxic and there’s nothing you can reasonably do to change it, leave. If you are competent and driven, there is a place that will need you, especially in this hungry and growing ecosystem of enterprise tech. Quit and take your talents elsewhere. Interview like a madwoman — yes, this will make your life an unadulterated hell, because interviewing sucks — so that you can get to a place that will value you. Then slowly grow your brand, re-establish your voice, and use it like a bullhorn against the people who tried to rob you of it.”