Celebrating International Women’s Day: Meet Our #LadyBoss Clients!

In honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight just a few of our badass #ladyboss clients who push the boundaries of tech and innovation every single day.

Name: Carly Maddock
Title: Associate Manager – Enterprise Digital Marketing
Company: Darden Brands
Bio: Carly got her start in email as an Email Marketing Coordinator at Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas, Nevada working with 14 different brands, list sizes of up to 5 million guests, and performing quality assurance on up to 10 emails daily. She worked her way up the ranks to a Specialist, then moved back to Orlando, Florida to become a CRM Analyst at Darden Restaurants. Now, as an Associate Manager of the Email Team at Darden, she manages a team of 6 that is responsible for 8 brands’ email and SMS communications to list sizes of over 6 million. As a team, they manage around 70 deployments each month, sending a total of over a billion emails a year. A few of her accomplishments at Darden have been rolling out dynamic content, templated emails, the use of first party data to personalize content, and the partnership with Movable Ink.

Name: Ashley Morse
Title: Email Developer – Worldwide Marketing
Company: Lenovo
Bio: Ashley Morse is an email developer and digital designer with 8+ years of ESP experience and an extensive background in interactive email marketing, web design, and digital advertising. She is a quick and compulsive learner, flexible to ever-changing environments, addicted to squishing code bugs, and self-driven to improve in all areas of the creative world. Ashley has been featured in Movable Ink, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Litmus case studies and has spoken at many industry conferences.

Name: Kristin Zuchowski
Title: Digital Marketing Manager – Email & Mobile
Company: HSN
Bio: Kristin Zuchowski is a creative, resourceful, problem-solving marketer with experience in driving product marketing strategy and execution for a multi-billion dollar retail company. She currently leads the special offer email program at HSN where she owns the strategic development and execution of each email. Kristin has partnered with Movable Ink to decrease production time, strengthen the overall customer experience and drive engagement and conversion by leveraging personalization, webcrops, countdown timers, scratch offs, and other contextual content to enrich the success of the program.

Name: Shanella Ramlall
Company: Scholastic
Title: Senior Manager, Email Marketing
Bio: Shanella is an avid reader, who studied Computer Science but fell into Email Marketing after her first job at Bigfoot Interactive – now Epsilon – where she implemented email campaigns, and scoped, managed, and executed custom projects. After seven years on the vendor/agency side of the business, she moved to Scholastic, where she has been for the last 6 years. Her team deploys over 2,000 email campaigns yearly, provides best practice guidelines, and analyzes and reports on campaigns for businesses across the company.

Name: Allison Bishop
Company: Leading Hotels of the World
Title: Manager, Customer Lifecycle Marketing
Bio: In addition to managing email program strategy and developing customer lifecycle communications, Allison leads customer experience initiatives to identify and prioritize opportunities to improve cross-channel customer journeys. Alison grew email revenue at an annual rate of 27% over 3 years through optimized testing and improved personalization and dynamic content management. She also increased campaign creation productivity 80% by introducing effective templates and automated content powered by Movable Ink’s web crops. Lastly, Allison increased team efficiency and ROI for omni-channel campaigns by 26% by introducing new project management strategies.

Name: Jess Marra
Title: CRM Manager
Company: Dermalogica
Bio: Jess Marra is CRM Manager at Dermalogica, a professional skin care brand based in Los Angeles. Acquired by Unilever in 2015, Dermalogica is now part of the company’s prestige portfolio. Jess is responsible for digital and e-commerce strategy as it relates to email marketing, loyalty & rewards, growing CRM generated revenue by +20% YoY. Beginning her career in publishing at Condé Nast, Jess has always been passionate about the beauty industry. Prior to joining Dermalogica, Jess managed CRM & digital strategy at L’Oréal in New York City where she worked in the haircare division. She graduated from Boston University with a degree in Business Administration.

Name: Charrity O. Pope
Title: Email Marketing Specialist
Company: Delta Apparel, Inc.
Bio: I accidentally became an email marketer 6 years ago and it was the best sort of accident. I’ve worked in more ESPs then I can count but this field has never ceased to challenge me to think creatively, strategically but always practically. From launching brand new welcome series and lifecycle campaigns packed with personalization to coding emails. I’ve been able to help drive growth and make an impact on the relationship our brands are building with people every day. Every email is a conversation and I’m lucky to be able to talk with about 300K subscribers every week.

Name: Christa Shorette
Title: Senior Email Marketing Manager
Company: Spartan Race
Bio: I have been with Spartan Race for two years now, coming from two years of email agency experience prior. I have helped drive the global email marketing strategy and technology leading Spartan emails to generate over $10 million in domestic revenue last year with a 30% growth goal in 2018. I have helped decrease our unsubscribe rate over 200% over the last year due to more relevant and personalized content in email. I have lived and spent time in Europe training our partners on email best practices from both a branding and industry standpoint.

Name: Tova Miller
Title: Demand Generation Marketing Manager
Company: HubSpot
Bio: Tova runs the global lead nurturing email program at HubSpot where she specializes in audience segmentation, audience re-engagement, email innovation, user experience, brand awareness, and more. In 2017, she cut one-off email send volume from HubSpot by 50%, while increasing open rates and click rates by 30%.

Name: Jena Magee
Title: Email Marketing Specialist
Company: Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx
Bio: I’ve worked with the Timberwolves and Lynx for a little over two years on the Digital Media team as the only Email Specialist. My role isn’t just limited to the Digital Media, as I work with nearly every department in the organization. In my time with the Timberwolves and Lynx, some of the projects I’m most proud of include:

• Pregame email: These have helped change our fan experience for fans attending the games and include a dynamic premium experience section with details of their individual experience that game.
• Postgame survey: We changed our postgame survey from almost a 15-minute survey to a simple one-question survey that fans receiving as they leave the arena.
• Personalized jersey: Our flex plan jersey campaign with the individual’s last name personalized on our new jersey.
• Holiday Scratch-off/gift opening: A personalized gift that was sent before the holidays. When open, the fan had one of four dynamic games that they could receive for free if they purchased our Holiday Pack.
• Group Renewal Campaign: Using an image of our scoreboard, the group name dynamically appeared for our renewal campaign to encourage our groups to renew.

I look forward to continuing to change our email process with new and dynamic ideas with the help of Movable Ink!

Name: Philippia Athanasiou-Vaartstra
Title: Email & Database Marketing Specialist
Company: Steve Madden, Ltd.
Bio: Philippia Athanasiou-Vaartstra, hailing from Athens, Greece, moved to the US at the ripe age of 9 with only one English phrase in her back pocket: “this is an apple”. Growing up in a foreign country and reflecting on the immigrant experience of her strong, hard-working single mother, she quickly learned to follow suit and embrace the “immigrant work ethic” to get ahead. She fell into the world of email marketing during her senior year in college while interning (ahem, working) at a growth-stage tech startup, where she had the opportunity to build a b2b email marketing program from the ground up. Her favorite thing about email marketing is its chameleon-like nature (hello, spirit animal): it lies at the intersection of science & creativity and offers the chance to work with innovative partners like Movable Ink. Today, Philippia is the Email & Database Marketing Specialist at Steve Madden, where she is a constant champion for testing, ROI-driven decision making, and collaborating on forward-thinking programs. Her biggest accomplishment at Steve Madden came alongside the opportunity to co-build the infrastructure & strategy for the SM PASS loyalty email program, which launched with accolades from industry experts. She’s excited to continue growing in the industry & hopes that her persistence & youthful demeanor will remain with her throughout her career, motivating those around her along the way. Semper Femina.

Name: Meaghan Bilinski
Title: Marketing Automation Director
Company: Movember Foundation
Bio: I’m responsible for the digital communications in our customer journeys and create the overall email marketing strategy for the Movember Foundation. We work with Movable Ink to help take our emails to the next level, with the goals of increasing retention and loyalty of our supporters, as well as helping them to fundraise more successfully for the men’s health initiatives we fund.

Name: Paige McCallum
Title: Email Marketing Manager
Company: Movember Foundation
Bio: I manage and execute all of the Movember Foundation’s email marketing campaigns year-round. Meaghan and I work directly with Movable Ink in developing engaging, personalized and interactive email content which in turn motivates our subscribers to donate or fundraise for the foundation. We love working on campaigns that use Movable Ink’s unique functionality along with our own data to bring Movember to life and enrich our community’s experience.

Name: Vicci Ormandy and Candice Findlay
Title: Database Marketing Manager and Database Marketing Specialist
Company: Wotif.co and LastMinute.com.au
Bio: Vicci and Candice use Movable Ink technology to deliver real-time, personalised content to their customers. Movable Ink allows them to surprise and delight customers with the latest travel offers personalised to each specific customer based on relevant data and location information.

Name: Sarah King
Title: Global CRM Manager
Company: STA Travel
Bio: Sarah has led STA’s global CRM program for over 2 years and still jumps into the weeds to help the team out with builds when necessary to help deliver relevant, personalised content in their email communications. Sarah has spoken at multiple industry events and at our own Email Transformation Tour in London!